Kind Words

I can’t tell you what it’s like to work with me. But these sweet folks can.

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Eliza C., Family Session

“If you’re thinking of booking a session with Rachel, DO IT! I looked all around at different photographers before choosing to go with Rachel. It's hard to find a good mix of a photographer who has a beautiful, natural photography style--while also being a friendly, laid-back person so you don't feel exhausted during the photo shoot.  I was worried that our little baby was going to be tired, have a blow-out, a melt-down, or be super grumpy (I mean posing for photos can be painful even for an adult, right?)...but instead Rachel made us feel so comfortable, it felt like my little family was just out for a fun, special walk in a beautiful spot and our best friend just happened to be taking photos of us. And because she made us so comfortable, nothing felt staged or unnatural, instead she was capturing our real authentic moments, and now we treasure these photos from when our baby was little. 

Rachel made the whole thing super easy--from listening to what type of photos we were hoping for, picking a beautiful location, and then sending us the gallery of photos. The whole thing was simple and we have the photos Rachel took all over our house--we love them so much!”

Cassandra C., Newborn & Family Sessions

“Before hiring Rachel, I was a week away from my due date, running behind as usual, and so worried about finding a photographer that would give us gorgeous newborn photos to treasure.  Our past experience with photographers was good, but never "amazing I-am-in-love-with-all-of-these-photos” amazing. It's very hard hiring a photographer since you can't really do a "trial" run before hand. But then we met Rachel!  

The first time we met her, I was so overwhelmed and flustered, trying to get ready, take care of a newborn, clean the house, etc., and I started trying to tell her exactly what shots I wanted, what I didn't like, and not only did she listen to me, but she calmed me and assured me that she understood my vision. I was blown away with the beauty of the photos she was able to capture! She surpassed all of my expectations times a million, and every time she takes photos for us (going on three years now!) they seem to get even more beautiful.  The memories and moments she captures are indescribable; never stiff or forced, as most photos are. She truly captures those "little moments" and really freezes time in those special unplanned seconds where the most beautiful things happen! Rachel is also just a dream to work with— she communicates well, listens, and goes above and beyond in every aspect. She is so welcoming and has a peaceful, beautiful vibe that our children take to instantly, making photos with families and kids an absolute breeze. We could not be happier with our experiences with Rachel, and she is the only photographer I will ever recommend!”

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Lindsay R., Newborn & Family Sessions

“Rachel is the BEST at capturing all those moments that you dream having pictures of. She is very good at coaching if you need that extra help on what to do but you'll feel comfortable, natural, and your time will fly because she's so very talented. I was a little nervous that my babies wouldn't cooperate and the session would not go well. And yes, there was some crying and a meltdown but Rachel was still able to get amazing pictures—she has a special talent for keeping the attention of little ones. I felt like I had a friend behind the camera, someone who actually cares about my family and I. I think it's rare to have that sort of connection with a photographer and is so important to have. I fell in love with every single picture she took and you'll wish she lived with you so she could capture every moment of every day!”