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I see you, new mama.

Tired, but triumphant. The little one you spent nine long months carrying and dreaming of and whispering to quietly in the dark is finally here. No time is sweeter, more exhilarating, more exhausting, or more fleeting than the first few weeks of bringing home baby.  Before you know it, these hazy newborn days will slip through your fingers into nothing more than a sweet memory.

But that's where I come in. For just an hour or two, we’re going to focus on the absolute miracle of your baby, and make images together that will forever transport you back to the unparalleled sweetness that lives inside those first few days.

When you look back on these photos you will remember what that sweet, milk-drunk breath felt like on your chest. You’ll feel the warmth of their tiny, soft body snuggled up close in your arms, and the tender newborn coos as you swaddle them tight. You’ll see the pride and joy on your partner’s face, and feel exactly how much you love each other right here, and right now.

Because I know that it is the tiny moments, full of tiny fingers and toes, and noses and bows, that make your whole world bigger. It’s the long, dark nights that make your days brighter. Somehow, it’s the slow, exhausting cycle of nursing and cleaning and crying and cuddling that makes time fly. 

It is all of these little nothings in particular, that make up every important thing all at once.

These are the extraordinary moments tucked lovingly inside the newborn days, and I want you to be able to grab hold of them and cherish them for the rest of your life. 

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I can’t put into words what these photos mean to us. We just went through them (multiple times!) and are in awe of them. You captured everything absolutely perfectly. I don’t know how we’ll ever pick favorites because each one is our favorite. Thank you for making us feel such warmth and natural beauty in ourselves and surroundings. Tears filled our eyes as we saw our son through these photos, as we cried and laughed at his little faces. What you gave us through these pictures is exactly what I want and need— a stoppage of time, a moment, something we can always look at to remind us of today when our baby was new.
— Lauren P