Zoe | Pittsburgh Senior Portrait Session

Zoe is going to Kent State in the fall, but we're not allowed to talk about it too much or she'll cry. At least, that's what she told me at her portrait session a few weeks ago.  She needed new head shots for her Kent Dance Team audition, and even though we'd already taken her senior portraits last summer, I was always up for a photo session with this gorgeous girl.  We had a wonderful evening taking pictures, and we didn't talk about college.  

I'm used to my seniors being really excited about going off to school, but I also understood what she meant.  Change can be scary, and overwhelming.  It makes me cry sometimes, too, though sometimes really poignant beer commercials make me cry, so maybe we shouldn't use me as an emotional barometer.   

But change is also an amazing opportunity, one that Zoe will no doubt flourish incredibly through. She's strong, and as beautiful on the inside as the outside. College is going to be tough, but Zoe is tougher. But let's not talk about it too much.  Let's keep living day by day, making the most of every moment, and finding something to celebrate with every new change.  

Today, we're celebrating Zoe's senior year.