Josh & Shannon | Pittsburgh Strip District Engagement

I wrote in my kindergarten diary, in giant, scraggly handwriting: “Josh is a pinhead.” I’m not sure what 5-year-old Josh did to 5-year-old Rachel that would have warranted such extreme language, but from then on we were the best of frenemies. I sat in front of him on the bus in middle school, and through the school bus seats we would manage to debate everything from religion to politics to TV shows (we were strange middle schoolers, Josh). In high school, we actually became the best of friends, sharing rides every day to and from school, acting and singing through every play, musical, and choir practice, and skipping rehearsal to get Rita’s Italian Ice whenever possible.

And now, that pinhead is marrying the love of his life. Shannon is the most beautiful, perfect match for Josh. When they are together, they radiate happiness, and getting to be there to shoot their engagement photos was one of the biggest joys for me. Even though they both live in New York City now, we were able to celebrate their engagement right here in Pittsburgh. 

We’ve known each other for 22 years, but I’ve never seen Josh as happy as he is with Shannon. Here is just a peak inside their joy.