Luke | Hartwood Acres Senior Session

Hoooo, boy. This blog post feels a little surreal. My (baby!) brother graduated from high school last week! 

Last Fall I got to take his senior pictures, and spent half the time disgustedly asking him when he became a GQ model. Is it fair for the youngest to also be the best looking?? I'll have to take it up with some Punnett Squares later. 

Although I shouldn't be surprised, since he has a lot of modeling experience from a young age:


Yes, that's me and my second photographer, my sister Courtney, with our young model Luke on the set of our pop-up trailer some 17 years ago. Pajama Chic was very en vogue that year.

See what I mean? He's a pro. 

Luke graduated with highest honors, and is heading off to Grove City College in the Fall where he'll be playing goalie for their men's soccer team while studying computer science. (For those of you keeping track at home, you can check off dashingly good looks, athleticism AND brains to boot...and one embarrassingly proud sister). We're already making plans to go cheer him on every chance we get, and the fact that the Grove City Outlets are 5 minutes from the campus is only partially fueling my excitement.

We are all enormously proud of him and love him to pieces. Here are a few of my favorites from his senior session: