Family Lifestyle Session & Adorable Pregnancy Announcement

It’s a running joke in my family: I am terrible at secrets. 

Well, my own secrets, that is.

Every Christmas and birthday for the first few years of our marriage I would get too excited and ruin whatever gift surprise it was that I’d been keeping for my husband well before the actual celebration. As a Recovering Type A Personality, I don’t exactly love surprises for myself either, but I’m working on it.

For everyone else, though, I am a LOCKED. BOX. 

Y’all have no idea the powder keg of secrets I’m sitting on right this very second.  Which is one of my favorite things about this job— I get to be one of the first to know about so many good and wonderful things in my clients’ lives!

Like this incredibly fun and sweet family session I did a few weeks ago that had a super fun surprise announcement that I can FINALLY spill the beans about!

Meghan wanted to document this special time with her family, and in particular her sweet little girl Avery. One of their favorite parts of the day is spending slow mornings snuggling together in their PJs, so that’s what we documented first. I couldn’t edit these photos without a giant smile on my face the entire time— little Avery has the biggest personality, and she just adores her mama. And when you’re a mama, you know how fleeting these snuggly days are, so you soak them up and treasure them in your heart forever. 

We rounded up the boys and did family portraits in the backyard of their brand new home, and then we let the cat out of the bag (a different cat than the one that photobombed them, see pic below): their family is growing!! 

All of the congratulations in the world to the Avi family— your little one is coming into a family full of love, and that’s no secret at all.

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