Cozy & Intimate Pittsburgh Maternity Session

I employ no hyperbole when I say that pregnancy is a miracle. Yes, at times it is a miracle of swollen ankles and queasy stomachs and aches and pains in places you didn’t know could be sore—but all for the simple reason that you are growing and sustaining an actual human being. I think sometimes we become dull to the miracle, which might be the greatest shame of all. After all, it happens every day, all around the world. It is so commonplace as to become ordinary.

But I cannot think of an experience more extraordinary. 

Which is why I was thrilled to spend a quiet morning with Jordan creating beautiful images of her journey— a journey that is both a universal human experience, and a deeply personal and private transformation. And now I’m so excited to share a small snapshot of her cozy and intimate studio maternity session on the blog today!

Maternity sessions are something I have always advocated for new mamas— to honor and celebrate that incredible space of in-between. That time of growth and preparation, of feeling nervous and excited all at once. Acknowledging that your whole world is changing, but that in the midst of it you are more sexy and confident and powerful than ever. Celebrating your very own miracle.

Jordan is the most stunning mama, and she and her husband are over the moon to welcome their little one into their arms in just a few short months. But in the meantime, Jordan carries this little one as close to her heart and she ever will— and I was so honored to be there to capture a few moments from her season of in-between. 

Hair and makeup by the incomparable Lee Ann of AtHome Beauty.