Hanna & Jimmy | The Willow Room Wedding

“I’ve never seen anything like them, from the very moment they met, there’s been something incredibly special about them,” Hanna’s mom said to me at the reception, watching Hanna and Jimmy twirl around the room in each others’ arms.

Hanna’s mom knew, and so did everyone else at the Willow Room that night, that what Hanna and Jimmy had between them was special. 

But what exactly is that something special? Being around them for more than a few minutes, it becomes clear that even on the biggest day of their lives, their focus wasn’t inward on themselves. It was outward, on the people they had invited to share their day. It was making sure their siblings and childhood friends were standing next to them as they said “I do.” It was surprising Hanna’s grandparents, who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary that week, with a cake that matched the top-tier of their own wedding cake.  It was dancing with as many different people as they could, to show them how loved and appreciated they were.

That April day was, in a word, gorgeous. We had originally planned to go to a nearby park for bridal portraits, but in the way that wedding day time seems to go twice as fast as normal day time, we didn’t make it. But that turned out to be no problem at all. Some gorgeous rays of sunshine and two beautiful people in love turned out to be a magic combination. This is the story of their day.