Krista + Chris | Penn State University Engagement

Being from Pittsburgh, it's par for the course that approximately 50% of the people you know went, or have friends/family who went, to Penn State.  And let me say as lovingly as I can: these people are different (in all of the best ways possible). They have a school spirit that many of the rest of us will never quite understand. The kind of school spirit that drives up from Maryland for every home game because even though they live out of state, they're still season ticket holders, and since when should that stop anybody? Krista & Chris met at Penn State, fell in love at Penn State, and got engaged at Penn State, making it the obvious location choice for their engagement portraits. 

As it was my first time exploring the campus, Chris proved to be an exceptional tour guide. Together with their amazing families, we had a blast revisiting all of the locations that were important to these two.  We started off at the restaurant they ate at the day the got engaged, which was also the place they had their first date (Krista recalls this as the moment she became skeptical that Chris was up to something). Then we made our way to Old Main, the very spot Chris proposed. The best part of this story was that Chris had made sure both of their families were present-- hidden in the bushes by Old Main waiting to celebrate with them!  

What felt like 12 miles and tons of gorgeous Penn State locations later (seriously, your school is huge, but I had no idea it was also so darn beautiful!) I decided we must have burned 7000 calories, which set up perfectly for...THE CREAMERY! And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. What a sweet way to end an incredible celebration of Krista & Chris at the place it all began. Here are just a few from our wonderful day: