Pittsburgh In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Baby Charlie

There is something about in-home newborn lifestyle sessions that speaks so deeply to me. I’m only a year removed from those first few days at home with my own son, and each time I walk into a home to meet a brand new baby, and his or her brand new mama and daddy, I am transported back. I remember the excitement, the exhaustion, the adrenaline. I remember the wrinkly little toes and squeaky whimpers. I remember feeling on top of the world, and simultaneously buried in doubt. But I also remember the sweetness. The collective intake of breath, in the quiet moment in the morning wondering “what now?” The fumbling and figuring it out together, as a brand new family, relying on each other in ways you never had to before. 

And there is something so special about sessions that take place in your own home; the place you have planted, tended, watered and loved. The space you get to watch your family bloom in. It’s a special kind of celebration, that the first few days of life with your new little sprout are documented with the care and affection they deserve.

Katharine and Chuck welcomed sweet baby Charlie this past winter, and it was an honor to be invited into their beautiful home in Pittsburgh to document such a precious moment in time. There are a thousand things I love about this session, but I have to point out a few in particular:

  • Katharine’s wall of plants! I think my face became the literal heart-eyes emoji when I saw it, and not just because of how beautiful it is. As someone with a notorious black thumb, I am always in awe when someone is a clear plant whisperer. 

  • All of sweet baby Charlie’s little yawns! He was a SLEEPY little guy, and mamas—  we are definitely not complaining about that right?! 

  • Dad’s smile, in pretty much every single image. He is so proud of his beautiful wife and perfect little boy, and it absolutely pours out of him.

  • How gorgeous mama is, and how happy her little guy was as soon as he got to nestle into her arms.

  • Little dude’s very serious face right at the end— the “hey lady, l want my mama back” face 🙂 

But I won’t just describe it for you— dive into Baby Charlie’s newborn session for yourself! Here are some favorites from this most beautiful new family of three: