Carey & Luai Huleihel

Carey & Luai are genuinely beautiful and joyful people, though they don't care much for superstition.  I realized that when they arrived to the venue together, Carey in her sweats, hair and makeup done, and Luai looking dapper in his suit.  They were going to face this whole day the way they face everything as a couple: together.

Their wedding took place on an absolutely glorious September day at Lingrow Farm.  Nearly everything was home-made, including the flower arrangements which were done by Carey's cousin (seriously some of the most gorgeous flowers I've ever seen).  And the flowers on the cake?  Sugar.  Yeah, I didn't believe it either.

Luai and his family are from Israel, so not many of his friends and family could make his wedding.  But that didn't stop them from sending their love, well-wishes and advice to Carey in the form of a hilarious and heartfelt video!  And Amanda, the maid-of-honor, gave her toast in the form of a video she made for Carey, leaving few eyes in the room dry.  

It was definitely the best day ever.

"I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you."

Photographer:  Rachel Rossetti Photography

Venue: Lingrow Farm

Coordinator: Megan Fitzgerald

Cake: Specialty Cakes by Edit Herman