Alex & Rob

Alex & Rob are two of the most gracious and kind-hearted people you could have the pleasure of meeting.  Alex and my cousin-in-law Carissa are best friends from college, which makes it *extra* special to be a part of their big day!   A fun fact about Alex & Carissa would be that in college they used to roller blade everywhere.  Roller.  Blade.   

Today, Alex & Rob get around by car (or airplane, which is Rob's primary mode of transportation to work every week).  They see each other on the weekends, and treasure their precious time together.  Which is why I was so excited that they spent so much time gallivanting around town with me to celebrate their engagement!

By the end of our adventures, Rob was an A+ light-spotter and pose-suggester, as well as an excellent attention-diverter.  No kidding, I think we spent 15 minutes staring in horror at a post of "what not to do" style engagement photos.

I promised them none of theirs would have a unicorn, or fairy wings, though we did discuss photoshopping Beyonce in to a few of their portraits.  And while I didn't get a chance to do so for the engagement portraits,  there's always the wedding ;)

Alex & Rob, you two are beautiful people and I'm so happy to have been a part of telling your love story.