The Pesenti Family

Sometimes all it takes is Dad wearing a tiara to turn things around.

Before that, we had a few tears, some substantial pouting, and one or two begrudging laughs (but only because sisters are terribly funny).  After all, when you are two-years-old, no amount of coaxing can make it OK that a stranger is pointing a big clunky camera at you while asking you to smile, especially if you are also terribly cold.  

But then the pink bonnets came out, and Dad wore the tiara, and everyone did the Can-Can.  Smiling was back!  From biggest M to tiniest N, these children have incredibly vibrant personalities. I know it was supposed to be my job for them, but they all made me laugh so many times.  Big families are a beautiful blessing, and this one has a new special place in my heart.   

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