Lindsay + Jordan | Pittsburgh Engagement

Anytime your engagement session ends by swapping favorite red wines, it's been a success.  (For the record, I highly recommend 14 Hands Hot to Trot-- thanks Aunt Amy!)  

Now, back to Lindsay & Jordan.  Are you ready for one of the biggest "awe"-moments in engagement story history?  Jordan took Lindsay on an exciting trip to New York City this past Spring.  On the last morning of their trip, Lindsay woke up to find Jordan on one knee at the side of the bed with diamond ring in hand.  His explanation for the timing?  "I wanted to ask you when you were most beautiful."

Well done, Jordan.  Well done.

These two were so much fun to work with, so I know their August wedding is going to be bursting with joy! For their engagement session, we started at the Heinz Lofts, where Lindsay and Jordan live.  These two love Pittsburgh, and everything from their first home together to their daily commute to work together is special to them.   I love working with people who feel so deeply and fully, and take time to appreciate everything they have in their lives.  Lindsay and Jordan are these kinds of people.  This is their celebration of the promise to spend forever together.