Christina + Mike | Butler Wedding

What I will always remember from my first meeting with Christina and Mike is how much they both kept giggling.  They blew through the coffee shop at a level of giddy joy that seemed to completely spill out of them as they talked about each other and their future together.  As I usually do, I asked them what they were looking forward to most on their wedding day and Christina broke into the widest smile I'd ever seen and responded:

"We just can't wait to be married!"  And they both giggled.

I was completely smitten with these two. 

This theme of giddy joy would continue throughout their wedding day, I would find.  Every touch of their outdoor wedding was a celebration of not just each other, but of their family and friends who came to celebrate with them.   It was completely beautiful in its simplicity. The moment they were pronounced husband and wife, Christina looked at Mike as if to say "can you believe what he just said??"  

Later, Mike would stop the reception in its tracks, and surprise Christina with an unforgettable twist: a fireworks show, just for her.  

They were incredulous the entire day, that this was truly happening, and that they were finally husband and wife.  And they were so, so happy.  

This is my account of May 24-- the first day of the rest of their lives. 

A special thanks to the incomparable Matt Gaydos of Matt Gaydos Photography for second shooting with me this day, and forever documenting the image of me laying on the roof of my car to get the last shot of the evening.  (Check my Instagram later for proof of this, folks.)