Katie | Pittsburgh Senior Photography

Katie is a music lover.  We have that in common.  But to leave it at that--to say that she loves music--well, that doesn't quite cover it.  She loves music only in the same way that she loves way air, or food, or water.  She breathes music in a way most of us could never fully understand. 

To her senior portrait session Katie brought two instruments: her clarinet, and her guitar.  At home were half a dozen more instruments she painstakingly chose to leave behind.  She plays them all.

Katie is graduating this spring from Gateway High School, and following her passions to Seton Hill University, where she'll study Music Education.  And with that degree, she'll go on to educate, inspire and change the lives of the next generation of music lovers.  She is a tremendous girl, and I'm so thankful I got a chance to make these portraits of her doing what she loves the most.