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Starting a family is scary. Growing your family is scary. So many moms have expressed to me the guilt-ridden fear they felt before the birth of their second, that they couldn’t possibly open their hearts to love this little one as much as their first.

And then suddenly they're here and they find their hearts are suddenly twice as big.

I’ve been through a newborn, family, and maternity session with this amazing family. And now finally, we came full circle with another newborn! And all along the way, I’ve been able to watch this family grow in size and grow in love. 

I cherish these moments, as a photographer and as a mom. I am still just getting the hang of this one-baby household, but seeing families— like Julia and Ross—  continue to grow and open their hearts is so inspiring to me. These two are the type of parents who love without measure, who adore each other and their two beautiful daughters. And who, in their example of parenthood, inspire and encourage others to keep opening their own hearts to more love. 

Welcome to the world, Baby H. You are infinitely adored.

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