Fall Sunset Family Session | Hartwood Acres Mansion

“We’ve been meaning to get family pictures taken for…how old is he? 10 months? Yep— that’s how long!” Francesca told me, as we stepped out into the gorgeous garden at Hartwood Acres Mansion.

Before I became a parent, the idea that 10 whole months can just slip away from you seemed a little unbelievable. Even now, there are days that seem like they move in slow-motion, where we have infinite time to do all of the things we want (with the notable exception of “sleep"). 

Then one day I went to bed with a newborn, and woke up to a baby boy who was sitting up and playing with toys and rolling across the floor to reach something he wanted. A million protests go through my head— 

But he was just born! 

But he was just learning how to smile!

But he was just starting to grab!

But! But! But! 

But time doesn’t care. It trudges…marches…and flies by. 

The magical thing about pictures, though, is that for one beautiful evening, we got to press pause. Almost a year into this parenthood gig, Francesca and Michael make their new roles look completely natural and effortless. Their little boy is an absolute joy: giggling with delight as his parents tossed him in the air and smothered him with kisses, and curious with everything around him (especially the grass!). This entire session was a celebration of the family they’ve created, and the life they’ve built together around love and laughter. 

And despite the fact that everyone tells me life only speeds up from here, this one moment of 10-month-old joy and love and family will stay forever as it we felt it that evening, in these images. 

Rachel RossettiComment