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“…then Little Nutbrown Hare looked beyond the thorn bushes, out into the big dark night. Nothing could be farther than the sky.

‘I love you right up to the moon,’ he said, and closed his eyes.

‘Oh, that’s far,’ said Big Nutbrown Hare. ‘That is very, very far.’

Big Nutbrown Hare settled Little Nutbrown Hare into his bed of leaves. He leaned over and kissed him good night.

Then he lay down close by and whispered with a smile, ‘I love you right up to the moon — and back.’”
— Guess How Much I Love You

For anyone with littles, you know this refrain well— ‘I love you to the moon and back.’ What was once a sweet phrase Beth and Pat shared just with each other (can you spot it hiding in the pictures below?) has suddenly expanded to include their precious new love. 

Because the moon? It’s far. It’s very, very far. It’s impossibly far away. And impossibly far is precisely the length moms (and dads!) go to to bring new life into this world, and to raise them in love. For sweet little Baby B, no one will go farther for him than his amazing mama and daddy.

Beth and Pat know that loving someone to the moon and back is a lifetime’s worth of love. A lifetime of right and wrong turns, bumps and bruises, rocking out (daddy’s a drummer!), buckling down (mama’s a doctor!), exploration, discovery and joy. What a privilege it was for me to step into their home and witness some of the very first steps of that new journey as a family of three.

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