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Do you remember that old riddle about a man and his son who were in an accident and rushed to the hospital, and when they wheel the boy into the operating room the surgeon says, “I can’t operate on him— he’s my son!” and the riddle is all *h0w CaN tHiS bE?!?!* and then you were supposed to be stumped because, lol, moms aren't doctors! 

Little Baby M is never going to have trouble answering that riddle. When both of your parents are doctors, not only are you in the best of hands for all life’s bumps and bruises; you also have a pretty amazing example set for you that when you grow up you can be absolutely anything you want to be. And all along life’s twists and turns, Baby M's parents are going to use those skillful, trained hands for their most important task yet: to comfort and love, to guide and shape her precious new life.

It was such a joy working with this beautiful family and seeing the newest parents in town immediately take to their new roles. Baby M could not have been happier snuggled up in her Mama’s loving arms— there are some adorable baby smiles tucked into this gallery. And in the briefest moment of tears, Dad sang her the sweetest little lullaby and she drifted contentedly back to sleep. 

These moments at home, some of the very first where you can just breathe and soak up the emotions of your new family unit, are unbelievably precious. So, thankfully, there are no more riddles here— just an immense amount of love and joy, and a home full of limitless dreams for the future that is to come. 

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