Pittsburgh Family Session | Mellon Park Walled Garden

Sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth it.

Family pictures, I mean.

You have a vision. You know exactly in your mind what you want your family photos to look like, and you’re worried about investing so much effort and being disappointed. 

Trust me— I know how much time, whining, wrangling, and bribing can go into getting the whole family on board with pictures. Historically, you’re used to having the announcement “we’re having family pictures taken!” met by groans and grimaces. Getting everyone dressed and out the door should be an Olympic sport, and by the time you’ve survived the car ride—keeping the kids up precariously close to bedtime so your photographer can shoot at “golden hour,” whatever that is— you’ve used up most of your snack bargaining chips. 

But I can promise you, you’re not going to regret it. 

I have been working with this lovely family for years now, and have been given the amazing opportunity to watch them grow AND grow up. They are raising gorgeous, sweet, spirited and loving daughters, and I have been so lucky to have Cassandra as a beautiful example of motherhood in my life (seriously, #momgoals). I was invited to document the newborn days for both of the girls, and now it was time to have a family session—because nothing is sweeter than these young days of parenthood and sisterhood, and it deserves to be captured. 

We started planning this session back in May but life has a funny way of throwing schedule curveballs. Luckily, our persistence rewarded us with the most gorgeous evening. Charlotte got to run and play and twirl and be the adventurous and curious three-year-old she is. Baby Elizabeth got snuggles and kisses and watched her big sister with adoration. And we even kicked the babies out of a few pictures because Mom & Dad are still bringing the heat 🙂

And we had fun. Because family pictures should be a celebration, not a chore. And now, captured, nothing will be able to dull these beautiful memories. 

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